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Excellent Options

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Some excellent options of items and weapons are a bit different in a reason to make them more useful!

A list of new excellent options:

  • Chance of Full Reflect +2%
  • Increases Maximum Life +200
  • Add Defensive Chance of Rec HP +4% - (Chance of recover life to full)
  • Increase Double Damage Chance by 2%







A list of excellent options on Mastery xAngel+ items

(Only server x10) (Server x50 and x500 Excellent options are the same like above on all kind of items including xAngel)

  • Increased the amount of Zen acquired for hunting monsters by 25%
  • Decreases Damage by 45
  • Increase Maximum Life by 165
  • Increase Maximum Mana by 165
  • And of course all other Excellent options possible





Note 1: Sockets + Excellent Enabled on Servers x50 and x500. On Server x10 Disabled (only sockets or only excellent).

Note 2: Maximum Sockets are 3 for one item on Servers x50 and x500. On Server x10 it is 5.

Note 3: Maximum Damage Reduction is 80% on Servers x50 and x500. On Server x10 it is 60%.

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On 4/18/2020 at 10:21 AM, Malfoy said:

What options excelent possibles for ring and pendant in game?

Rings and Pendants have the same options as other items. But you can not use excellent jewels to add options on them.

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