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  1. Admin I would highly suggest as per to the drop of the 255 golden cherry blossom branches to be changed, instead of having that key, why not excellent weapons, gears, and something to look forward in to. because I can really see that white and red are far more valuable than the Golden branch. In my opinion such as webzen did, they gave +15 excellent items with 3 options and besides, what could go wrong? saving 255 pieces for the exact amount of effort intended for the prize.
  2. I am so excited reading all contents and possible balances configuration. I am happy that at last, a server that cares is finally here being established. ++Respect
  3. This time table is crazy It's all day grindin! Kept reading all the information! and I have never been amazed quiet like this. Pleasing to know every single thing. ++Respect
  4. To the day and nights of efforts of the admin behind this flawless information regarding the server and its guidelines. +Respect
  5. With this so much detailed quest hunting, I could not even wait a bit for the server to open. I have manage to invite people from different places that also played MU differently to try this one. They got the same reaction " This is so cool, New Server yet detailed in every single way" These personalities also helps the server running, and yes in some we call them " Donators " Looking forward more with this server
  6. Dragon

    Info about us

    This right here made me think differently of this server. And I certainly do understand that there are only two products that a server owner sells. The GOODS & SERVICES If two is joined together, It would perfectly makes sense to stay in this server. Kudos to you admin. +Respect " We walk the talk "
  7. This would greatly affect the balance of leveling. this is very well detailed.
  8. Thank you for this. well noted.
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