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  3. This is easy event for everyone who uses Facebook! Get Free 350 Credits in a few steps: Like Page ▶ HERE Share and Like Post ▶ HERE Join our official Group ▶ HERE Send your Username (login) in a message to our page For more freebies check website account panel. Active Gift Codes as well: https://www.diamondmu.com/gift-code What must be done correctly to receive Credits: Post must be "Public" - visible on your FB profile timeline 1 Player can get Credits only once and for 1 account (no multi accounts) Credits will be added after manual review in a time of 0 - 24 hours
  4. Reset Race Event [Server x500] Only first 3 players from each class who reach 50 resets will be able to use the code and get 2500 Free Credits. Total prize pool of 67500 Credits! Use given gift codes when you have met requirements: https://www.diamondmu.com/gift-code View rankings here of each character class: https://www.diamondmu.com/rankings Top 3 players between all Wizards Gift Code: TOP3-Wizards Top 3 players between all Knights Gift Code: TOP3-Knights Top 3 players between all Elves Gift Code: TOP3-Elves Top 3 players between all Gladiators Gift Code: TOP3-Gladiators Top 3 players between all Lords Gift Code: TOP3-Lords Top 3 players between all Summoners Gift Code: TOP3-Summoners Top 3 players between all Fighters Gift Code: TOP3-Fighters Top 3 players between all Lancers Gift Code: TOP3-Lancers Top 3 players between all Runes Gift Code: TOP3-Runes
  5. Please, some players are waiting this for half year already =( we want something new
  6. Planned big update to Season 18 in a near future!
  7. - Noticed. Thanx for that topic, is usefully.
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