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Update [x50] 30.07.2019

  1. [Added] New guide: Soul Weapons (Mastery 4th class)
  2. [Increased] Jewel of Life success rate from 50% to 60%
  3. [Decreased] Zen prices for some items NPC and Custom NPC
  4. [Increased] Zen drop max pick up time from 5 seconds to 10 seconds

Update [x50] 31.07.2019

  1. [Added] Ancient rings/pendants to drop from some bosses. (before was just sets without rings/pendants)

Update [x50] 01.08.2019

  1. [Increased] Exp bonus from +10% to (20%, 30%, 40%, 50%) in BC levels (4 - 7) for master leveling
  2. [Improved] Imperial Guardian (Gaion) Event rewards and monsters power. Search for reward list HERE
  3. [Increased] Jewel drop rate and Constant Zen drop amount in Ferea, Nixies Leke maps

Update 02.08.2019

  1. [Fixed] Custom New Jewels show correct jewel type now on Web Market. (Also some other minor web market fixes)

Update [x50] 07.08.2019

  1. [Decreased and Adjusted] Monsters power and Experience rates for Maps: Ferea, Nixies Lake, Deep Dungeon 1 - 5, Swamp of Darkness, Kubera Mine
  2. [Improved] Monster spots in Maps: Deep Dungeon 1 - 5, Swamp of Darkness, Kubera Mine

Update [x50] 09.08.2019

  1. [Fixed] "Party Matching" not showing pages correctly and game client crashes if more than 1 page
  2. [Fixed] "Ruud Shop" not setting durability correctly
  3. [Increased] "Master Level Experience" rate at certain levels. See updated experience table HERE
  4. [Increased] "Condor Flame" drop rate x2 in Barracks map
  5. [Increased] "Condor Flame" drop rate by 50% in DS (3-7)
  6. [Increased] "Condor Magical Drops"drop rate x2
  7. [Decreased] Jewel of Bless / Soul amount needed to Open Box in MOSS Event from 10 to 5!
  8. [Decreased] Zen drop frequency from monsters in maps DD 1-5, Swamp of Drakness, Kubera Mine
  9. [Increased] Fenrir creation success rates. See new rates HERE

Update [x50] 11.08.2019

  1. [Removed] "Reset Skill Tree" option from website account panel since it deleted all skills and caused issues with 4th Enhancement skill tree
  2. [Added] "Reset Skill Tree 3rd" item (Scroll of Gray Oblivion) to in game xShop
  3. [Added] "Reset Skill Tree 4th" item (Scroll of Oblivion) to in game xShop
  4. [Decreased] "3x Elemental Rune" price in xShop from 100 Coins to 20 Coins
  5. [Fixed] "Earring Upgrade" visual text in Chaos Goblin
  6. [Increased] "Golden Sentence" 4th Wing Material drop rate x3 in all top maps DD 1-5, Swamp of Drakness, Kubera Mine (Kubera the highest rate)

Update [x10] 15.10.2019

  1. [Added] NPC Monica in Elbeland 24 x 229 ([x50] too)
  2. [Added] Item Muun Energy Converter to NPC shop Lorencia Bar ([x50] too)
  3. [Decreased] Boss Lord of Ferea damage
  4. [Decreased] Boss Core Magriffy damage
  5. [Decreased] Deep Invasion monster HP by 40%
  6. [Adjusted] Rewards of Invasions: Ferea, Nixies, Deep, Dark, Mine. See changes HERE
  7. [Increased] Level Experience Table for Master Leveling. See changes HERE
  8. [Increased] Quest 1, 2, 3 items drop rate

Update [x50] 10.12.2019

  1. [Disabled] In game chat filter since it did not allow to use symbols like " ' " and much more. No more "Pwned by the Filter"

Update [x50] 18.12.2019

  1. [Increased] Chance to get Earrings and Condor Feather from Moss Merchant. Also other changes related with it. See HERE
  2. [Changed] Awakening Soul items minimum level required from 900 to 850
  3. [Changed] Blue Eye items minimum level required from 1000 to 900

Update [x10, x50, x500] 12.03.2020

  1. [Added] Steel of Heaven to drop from Bosses: Selupan (20% chance), Lord of Ferea (30% chance) and Blood Castle 7 reward (10% chance)
  2. [Added] Garuda's Flame and Garuda's Feather (random 5% chance) to Blood Castle 7 reward

Update [x10, x50, x500] 17.03.2020

  1. [Changed] All socket items drop from monsters. Reorganized completely: [Gloves 380] Ice Walker, [Boots 380] Giant Mammoth, [Helms 380] Ice Giant, [Pants 380] Coolutin, [Armors 380] Iron Knight, [Gloves, Boots 400] Dark Mammoth, [Helms 400] Dark Giant, [Pants 400] Dark Coolutin, [Armors 400] Dark Iron Knight, [Shields 380] All Raklion 1 monsters, [Shields 400] All Raklion 2 monsters, [Weapons 380] All Raklion 1 monsters, [Weapons 400] All Raklion 2 monsters. 

Update [x50] 07.04.2020

  1. [Increased] Grand Reset Reward from 7000 to 13500 Credits. See HERE
  2. [Added] New quests "Grand Diamond" to do when Grand Reset is done (tasks and rewards will be updated). See HERE

Update [x10, x50, x500] 09.04.2020

  1. Updated rewards and benefits for Castle Siege owners. See HERE

Update [x10, x50, x500] 19.04.2020

  1. [Decreased] Gaion event max time to do stage from 15 minutes to 5 minutes. (not for x10 server).
  2. [Decreased] Gaion event max entry count per 24h from 4 to 2. (for VIP players it's max 3).
  3. [Added] 13% Increase Damage option and Experience Increase 15% to Golden Fenrir.

Update Website] 06.12.2022

  1. [Updated] Version of website to the latest one.
  2. [Added] Character Market feature (Now is possible to Buy and Sell characters)
  3. [Added] Gift Code feature (Find the code and redeem freebies)


Make sure to open game by Launcher.exe to get your game client updated.


CHANGELOG is being updated in this topic so check important news and updates here!

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32 minutes ago, Hayabusa said:

May i suggest Sunday Ticket for Gaion? xD Those are just Monday-Sat.

You have to collect that ticket manually when you visit that event Mon-Sat

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How about adding Free Points, for grand reset on server x50? It would definitely made server to last longer. Everyone like doing GR, but for coins only?

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4 hours ago, mboma said:

How about adding Free Points, for grand reset on server x50? It would definitely made server to last longer. Everyone like doing GR, but for coins only?

Many many players do not like to make GR because they do not like to reset nonstop. They have jobs, family so they can not be online 24/7 to level up and reset non stop. This is the main reason why x50 server has no points after GR. It's limited server. These who like points after GR can play x500 server. Cheers.

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