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✅ 1. Reset:

Command: /reset
You will receive a specific amount of points and other benefits, according to the Resets Table.


✅ 2. Add and auto add Points:

- Add Point:

Command: /add[type] [amount]

For adding 50 points to Strength, type /addstr 50
For adding 235 points to Energy, type /addene 235

str = Strength, agi = Agility, vit = Vitality, ene = Energy, cmd = Command

- Auto Add Point:

Command: /add[type] auto [amount]

For adding 1000 points to Strength, type /addstr auto 1000
For adding 2000 points to Energy, type /addene auto 2000

* If you have 100 free points and level 200 and you want to add the next 400 points into agility then you will write /addagi auto 400 
* What will happen? The free 100 points will be added into agility instantly, and the next 300 points that you gain, will also be added into agility - that means from level 200 to 260 all the points will be added into agility automatically even if you are AFK when doing the levels.


  • This command will work even if you re-enter game, get reconnected, etc.
  • To cancel the auto add points command you must write : /addagi auto 0 (instead of agi you should write the stat where you set the points to be added automatically).


✅ 3. Request and Auto Party:

- Request control:

Command: /re or /request [type] [on/off/auto]
Each request turns on or off or automates the character.

To not receive any trade or party from anybody.  /request off
To receive any trade or party automatically from anybody. /request auto
To receive any trade or party from anybody. /request on

- Auto Party with Password:

 You can set a password to your party, so only players using the password will be accepted.

Command to set the password you must write : /re auto XXXX where XXXX = your random password.
After you set up your party password, in order for others to join your party automatically they must also write:
/re auto XXXX where XXXX = the same password that you set for your party and then just request party on any user from your party.


✅ 4. Auto Attack & OFF Attack:

- Auto Attack

Command: /attack
Character will auto attack using this command

- Off Attack

Step 1:  Set up your Mu Helper
You should configure your Mu Helper the way you want, with Buffs, Auto Pick, Auto Potion, etc.

Step 2:  Go to the place (spot) where you want to leave character
Command: /offattack


  • Reconnect screen will appear, close the game immediately.
  • Ready, your character will continue leveling up online while your game client is closed.
  • More information about PK System read here

✅ 5. Jewels / Coins Store & OFF Store:

- Store

Using this feature you can sell items in game store:
[ coin, ruud, gp, bless, soul, chaos, creation, guardian, harmony ]

Command: /store [type]

Step 1: Setting your Store 
If you want to place your store in Zen, put price as you like. If you want to open Ruud / Coins / GP, put the price in Zen. 
To open a Store by Jewels / Zen, just open normally. To open store by Ruud / Coins / GP, it is necessary to use the Command.

Step 2: Opening your Store

/store coin (Opens personal store where you sell items for Coins)
/store ruud (Opens personal store where you sell items for Ruud)
/store gp (Opens personal store where you sell items for Goblin Points)

- Off Store

Command: /offstore
Use this command to sell items while character is offline


  • Reconnect screen will appear, close the game immediately.
  • Ready, your character will continue selling items which you put in store while your game client is closed.

✅ 6. Lock & Unlock:

Step 1: Locking char
Command: /lock [password]
The password must be in numeral, between 4 and 12 digits. 
Example:  /lock 23991

Step 2: Unlocking char
Command: /unlock [password]
Example:  /unlock 23991


  • The Command locks only your Character. 
  • The Player will be able to steal the other characters from the account and vault.
  • Each character of your account must be locked to avoid delete of it by someone.
  • Characters above Level 300 can not be deleted anymore.

✅ 7. Disconnect Friend:

Step 1: Using the Command 
Command: /lock [password]
Use /lock and choose a password. Now type /dcfriend [character] [password].

My nickname is 'Diamond' and i type the command: /lock 35343711 and I'm going to sleep.
Character died, and my friend if agreed, wants to connect my account to put it back on spot.
He types the command: /dcfriend Diamond 35343711

Ready, the account is disconnected and my friend can login to it.


  • This command is parallel to command /LOCK.
  • You will only be able to use /dcfriend if the character has /lock activated.
  • The /lock password is the password used for DCFRIEND, if the /lock is not enabled at least 1 time, it will not work.


✅ 8. Server time:

Command: /clock
Shows current Server Time


✅ 9. Extra Vaults:

Command: /vault [number] or /ware [number]
Example:  /vault 1

  • Main vault/ware number is 0
  • 1 extra vault available for Free players
  • More than 1 extra vaults available for Vip players
  • Items do not lose if Vip expires. Renew Vip to get access to items on extra vaults.


✅ 10. Player Kill:

Command: /pkclear


✅ 11. War and Soccer:

Command: /war [guild name], /soccer [guild name]

  • If you want to start a War 'Event' between your guild and another guild you must write : /war XXXX where XXXX = name of the guild which you want to go to war with.
  • If you want to start a Soccer 'Event' between your guild and another guild you must write : /soccer XXXX where XXXX = name of the guild which you want to play soccer against.
  • Notice that only the GM (Guild Master) can write & use these commands.


✅ 12. Jewel Bank:

Check how to use this helpful unique feature. Click Here!

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 Mu helper comands 😄

Low level:
"niria" - Uniria
"ign of" - Sign of Lord, Sign of Dimensions. If you only enter "ign" it can pick up GRC as junk
"aper" - Suspicious Paper
"ox" - BOL, BOK, sealed golden and silver boxes
"ox of" - Box of Luck, Box of Kundun (doesn't pick up sealed boxes)
"old ox" - Sealed golden boxes
"ymbo" - Symbol of Kundun
"emon" - Demon Eye, Demon Key
"ngel" - Angel, Scroll of Archangel, normal BA items. May pick up angelic staff as junk
"uar ngel" - Angel, no junk
"cro ngel" - Scroll of archangel
"lood" - Blood Bone
"croll" - All types of skill scrolls, also scroll of etramu, kundun magic scroll etc. May pick up Scroll of Town Portal as junk
"rb" - All types of skill orbs
"archm" - All types of skill parchments
"ummon" - All types of summon jewels
"Ring ption" - All normal rings with option
"endan ption" - All normal pendants with option
"ocket" - All types of elemental pentagram

Medium level
"et rys" - Tetra Crystal. If you only enter "rys" it can pick up crystal sword and CMS as junk.
"irit of" - Spirit of Dark Raven and Spirit of Dark Horse. If you only enter "irit" it may pick up many junk items for elf
"rest" - Crest of Monarch
"eather" - Loch Feather
"pher" - All empty spheres

Acheron specific
"ragm" - Map Fragment and Mithil Fragment
"lix" - (Brave) Hero Elixir
"agger" - (Merciless) Gladiator's Dagger
"ron" - Iron Shield (Lorencia, Magic)
"ith" - Mithil (direct drop from bosses that randomly spawn in acheron)
"undu Ma" - Kundun Madness Blade, Kundun Magic Spell Scroll
"mpir" - Empire Guardian's Stronghold

Optional (need specific)
"ondor" - Condor Flame
"kill uck" - Any weapon with +skill+luck (includes SUM offhand weapon and some shields)
"taf uck" - Any staff with +luck
"ed irit uck" - Any Red Spirit item +luck, use a different keyword for the specific armor sets you want to collect
"t 3" - Elemental pentagram with 3 sockets (so that 1 or 2 socket drops are ignored)
"t 4"

its not my topic but i fought it could be useful 😄

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