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[Monthly Event] Top 20 Devil Square

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♻ Monthly Top DS Event "Top 20 Devil Square"


✅ Be active in game and visit Devil Square event daily to collect Score points!

✅ Top 20 players every month will be automatically rewarded with Free Credits!

✅ Event starts on the first date of month and ends on the last one. Rankings clear on each 1st date.

✅ See your place Top DS https://www.diamondmu.com/rankings jckHsGl.png


Top 20 Reward List (Credits)

  1. 2000
  2. 1900
  3. 1800
  4. 1700
  5. 1600
  6. 1500
  7. 1400
  8. 1300
  9. 1200
  10. 1100
  11. 1000
  12. 900
  13. 800
  14. 700
  15. 600
  16. 500
  17. 400
  18. 300
  19. 200
  20. 100


Note: If server started just a half of month ago so only half of reward amount will be issued.

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Just a quick question about this and for BC and CC too. Isn't it supposed to give credits automatically, at the same time that top voters does? I'm asking because I got the credits for voting but based on the amounts indicated, I'm sure I haven't received the credits for the 3 in game events, besides of ranking not restarting. I'm on X500 if that helps

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Well I got the credits, but I got the voting reward twice now. The issue was just with BC, DS and CC. 4350 credits there do not belong to me.

Thanks for replying and fixing the issue

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