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  1. Update 11.08.2019 released
  2. It's not reduced. It's original.
  3. ML is not involved. EXP for it is the same as without GR. 200% = double EXP. (double on each stage of dynamic resets) Example without GR: 11 - 30 40x Example with 1 GR: 11 - 30 80x
  4. You have to collect that ticket manually when you visit that event Mon-Sat
  5. Update 30.07.2019 [Added] New guide: Soul Weapons (Mastery 4th class) [Increased] Jewel of Life success rate from 50% to 60% [Decreased] Zen prices for some items NPC and Custom NPC [Increased] Zen drop max pick up time from 5 seconds to 10 seconds Update 31.07.2019 [Added] Ancient rings/pendants to drop from some bosses. (before was just sets without rings/pendants) Update 01.08.2019 [Increased] Exp bonus from +10% to (20%, 30%, 40%, 50%) in BC levels (4 - 7) for master leveling [Improved] Imperial Guardian (Gaion) Event rewards and monsters power. Search for reward list HERE [Increased] Jewel drop rate and Constant Zen drop amount in Ferea, Nixies Leke maps Update 02.08.2019 [Fixed] Custom New Jewels show correct jewel type now on Web Market. (Also some other minor web market fixes) Update 07.08.2019 [Decreased and Adjusted] Monsters power and Experience rates for Maps: Ferea, Nixies Lake, Deep Dungeon 1 - 5, Swamp of Darkness, Kubera Mine [Improved] Monster spots in Maps: Deep Dungeon 1 - 5, Swamp of Darkness, Kubera Mine Update 09.08.2019 [Fixed] "Party Matching" not showing pages correctly and game client crashes if more than 1 page [Fixed] "Ruud Shop" not setting durability correctly [Increased] "Master Level Experience" rate at certain levels. See updated experience table HERE [Increased] "Condor Flame" drop rate x2 in Barracks map [Increased] "Condor Flame" drop rate by 50% in DS (3-7) [Increased] "Condor Magical Drops"drop rate x2 [Decreased] Jewel of Bless / Soul amount needed to Open Box in MOSS Event from 10 to 5! [Decreased] Zen drop frequency from monsters in maps DD 1-5, Swamp of Drakness, Kubera Mine [Increased] Fenrir creation success rates. See new rates HERE Update 11.08.2019 [Removed] "Reset Skill Tree" option from website account panel since it deleted all skills and caused issues with 4th Enhancement skill tree [Added] "Reset Skill Tree 3rd" item (Scroll of Gray Oblivion) to in game xShop [Added] "Reset Skill Tree 4th" item (Scroll of Oblivion) to in game xShop [Decreased] "3x Elemental Rune" price in xShop from 100 Coins to 20 Coins [Fixed] "Earring Upgrade" visual text in Chaos Goblin [Increased] "Golden Sentence" 4th Wing Material drop rate x3 in all top maps DD 1-5, Swamp of Drakness, Kubera Mine (Kubera the highest rate) Make sure to open game by Launcher.exe to get your game client updated. CHANGELOG is being updated in this topic so check important news and updates here!
  6. 1. Soul Weapon Item Information Mastery Weapon List Class Item name Weapon type Dragon Knight Soul Sword One handed sword Soul Wizard Soul Staff One handed Staff Noble Elf Soul Bow / Soul Quiver Bow / Quiver Dimension Summoner Soul Stick Stick Magic Knight Soul Magic Sword One handed sword Empire Lord Soul Scepter Scepter Fist Blazer Soul Claws Claw Shining Lancer Soullands Lance 2. Soul Weapon Combination Upgrade Item Master Combination Material Jewels needed Success Rate Combination Result Level +11 / Option +16 Holy Angel Excellent Weapon Soul Moru (buy in RUUD shop) 30 Jewels of Bless 30 Jewels of Soul 1 Jewel of Chaos 1 Jewel of Creation 100% Level +0 / Option +0 Soul Excellent Weapon 3. Soul Weapon Screenshots
  7. It's rare jewel. Drops only from events, bosses. (Not from monsters as many others jewels.) (Something must be valuable right? )
  8. It's normal - Non excellent. (but can make excellent using jewel of exc +1)
  9. Description in xShop.
  10. Hi, the idea was to add it in drop of monsters, but all players said a big NO in game. We are still waiting, need to be a bit patient.
  11. Hi, What language of client do you use? If its Por or Spn try Eng and tell me result.
  12. Reward is 1 item 100% from a list above.
  13. Hi, Intermediate still shows 20% in game, BUT the real % of it is 5% for each.
  14. Cherry Blossom Play-Box drop from all monsters in all maps! Collect them and exchange to get reward. Exchange NPC Lorencia 130 x 134! White Cherry Blossom Branch: Elemental Capsule Seed Capsule Bless of Lighting (Minor) Bless of Lighting (Standard) Bless of Lighting (Greater) Red Cherry Blossom Branch: Death King's Bone Dark Phoenix Flame Hell Maine's Leather Death Beam Knight Soul Condor Feather Condor Flame Golden Cherry Blossom Branch: Silver Key Golden Key
  15. Jewels and BOK are included in a reason to not give a 100% chance to get the best items from exchange. So it depends on luck, how lucky you are. Receive bad item or expensive nice item..
  16. Lucky Coins drop from all monsters in all maps! Collect them and exchange to get reward. Exchange NPC Lorencia 130 x 133! Be sure to register you collected Lucky Coins before you can Exchange Them. Rewards 10 Lucky Coins: Jewel (Bless / Soul / Harmony) = 25% chance Box of Kundun +3 = 25% chance Transformation Ring (Budge Dragon / Giant / Skeleton / Poison Bull Fighter / Thunder Lich / Death Cow) = 20% chance Fragment of Radiance Slot (1) / (2) = 14% chance Elemental Rune / Mithril = 10% chance Silver Key = 6% chance Rewards 20 Lucky Coins: Jewel (Bless / Soul / Life / Chaos / Creation / Harmony) = 20% chance Box of Kundun +4 = 20% chance Transformation Ring (Robot Knight Ring / Mini Robot Ring / Great Heavenly Mage Ring) = 20% chance Seed Capsule (Fire / Water / Ice / Wind / Lightning / Earth) = 14% chance Fragment of Radiance (2) / (3) = 16% chance Silver Key = 12% chance Rewards 30 Lucky Coins: Jewel (Life / Chaos / Creation / Harmony) = 15% chance Box of Kundun +4 = 15% chance Transformation Ring (Robot Knight Ring / Mini Robot Ring / Great Heavenly Mage Ring) = 24% chance Elemental Capsule (Fire / Earth / Water / Wind / Darkness) = 19% chance Fragment of Radiance (3) / (4) = 18% chance Golden Key = 9% chance
  17. Intermediate (Medium) Spirit Stone adds 5% increase each of them instead of 20% like shows in game. (We wait for support to fix this so while not fixed, please be aware)
  18. All the rates are shown WITHOUT luck. If item has Luck = +10% rate
  19. Server time. Type /clock in game and see difference between your time and server.
  20. Your rune blade must have exactly 1 exc option already to be able to use +2 on it.
  21. Sorry but why do you suggest something what is already done? You should check more guides
  22. Update: 3 of items are now removed from xShop. Loch's Solution (Wing lvl2) Condor's Solution (Wing lvl3) Lethal Ring Wizard 2 of items are now lowered % increase Scroll of Battle is now 10% Crit dmg increase instead of 20% Scroll of Strength is now 10% Exc dmg increase instead of 20%
  23. There is no sub server for VIP. All are in one server. Only options you see here are available.
  24. Admin

    [x50] Top 30 Voters

    Info soon ..
  25. VIP System [Server x50] Bonus Free Player VIP Silver VIP Gold VIP Diamond EXP Regular 50x 53x 56x 60x EXP Master 50x 54x 58x 63x Goblin Points per 1 minute 1 1 2 2 Jewel of Soul % rate 60 60 65 65 Jewel of Life % rate 60 60 65 65 Jewel of Harmony % rate 70 70 75 75 Post command Zen / Level 50k / 50 35k / 25 20k / 10 1k / 1 Extra vaults /ware 1 2 3 4 Reset Zen 10kk 8kk 7kk 5kk Chaos Machine Rates - +5% +5% +5% Credits per 1 hour online 0 1 1 2 Elf Soldier use max resets 5 6 7 8 Offlevel max time 10 12 14 16 Happy Hour regular Exp + 10x 12x 14x 17x Happy Hour master Exp + 15x 17x 19x 22x Happy Hour Exc item drop + 20% 30% 40% 50% Hide Character Info discount - 20% 30% 50% Change Name discount - 30% 40% 60%
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