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  3. Yes, of course they stay.
  4. Does exc on angel items from ruud gone when you upgrade it? ex. Exc opt ref,dd,hp blood angel helm. When you make it dark angel. does exc option stays?
  5. with the command find.. does char nid to meet the level requirement or just level 150?
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  7. You only get credits. Your stats will be burned. Back to 0
  8. So.. that means that every 40 resets you have to do a grand reset.. right? So, no one ever will be full stats, or I am wrong?
  9. So.. if at 40rr you have to do a gr, no one ever will be full stats, right?
  10. on exp 50 i drop soul sword for BK exe..... from Gorgon
  11. No one of them. You can only create them by upgrading from xAngel.
  12. For evomon why do ruud reward decrease on legendary box?
  13. Yes, wings upgrade only in Chaos Machine. Made it specially so it will not be so easy to get them up to +15.
  14. cannot use it at cape or wings? i cannot ust jewel of upgrade +11 in my cape wich is +10
  15. ML Stays. Clears only resets, nothing else.
  16. When you do Gr , your master level goes away too ? or that one stay ?
  17. .It's good to know the reason. Fair enough.
  18. Many many players do not like to make GR because they do not like to reset nonstop. They have jobs, family so they can not be online 24/7 to level up and reset non stop. This is the main reason why x50 server has no points after GR. It's limited server. These who like points after GR can play x500 server. Cheers.
  19. How about adding Free Points, for grand reset on server x50? It would definitely made server to last longer. Everyone like doing GR, but for coins only?
  20. hi how can i let my mu helper pick up Keys for the golden and silver box ?
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