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  3. Jewels and BOK are included in a reason to not give a 100% chance to get the best items from exchange. So it depends on luck, how lucky you are. Receive bad item or expensive nice item..
  4. Ye and box of kundun +4 for 30 coins :DD Wow, this is just making fun of the players
  5. Jewels(except harmony) should be entirely removed. Getting 30 of those is like 2 days of 24/7 farming and to get Bless or Souls or Jols as reward for it? It doesn't even feel like a bad joke.
  6. Bad rewards for how rare they are. My personal opinion.
  7. Lucky Coins drop from all monsters in all maps! Collect them and exchange to get reward. Exchange NPC Lorencia 130 x 133! Be sure to register you collected Lucky Coins before you can Exchange Them. Rewards 10 Lucky Coins: Jewel (Bless / Soul / Harmony) = 25% chance Box of Kundun +3 = 25% chance Transformation Ring (Budge Dragon / Giant / Skeleton / Poison Bull Fighter / Thunder Lich / Death Cow) = 20% chance Fragment of Radiance Slot (1) / (2) = 14% chance Elemental Rune / Mithril = 10% chance Silver Key = 6% chance Rewards 20 Lucky Coins: Jewel (Bless / Soul / Life / Chaos / Creation / Harmony) = 20% chance Box of Kundun +4 = 20% chance Transformation Ring (Robot Knight Ring / Mini Robot Ring / Great Heavenly Mage Ring) = 20% chance Seed Capsule (Fire / Water / Ice / Wind / Lightning / Earth) = 14% chance Fragment of Radiance (2) / (3) = 16% chance Silver Key = 12% chance Rewards 30 Lucky Coins: Jewel (Life / Chaos / Creation / Harmony) = 15% chance Box of Kundun +4 = 15% chance Transformation Ring (Robot Knight Ring / Mini Robot Ring / Great Heavenly Mage Ring) = 24% chance Elemental Capsule (Fire / Earth / Water / Wind / Darkness) = 19% chance Fragment of Radiance (3) / (4) = 18% chance Golden Key = 9% chance
  8. Yesterday
  9. Intermediate (Medium) Spirit Stone adds 5% increase each of them instead of 20% like shows in game. (We wait for support to fix this so while not fixed, please be aware)
  10. Last week
  11. All the rates are shown WITHOUT luck. If item has Luck = +10% rate
  12. Jewel of Soul with or without luck? Jewel of Life with or without luck? Jewel of Harmony with or without luck?
  13. Server time. Type /clock in game and see difference between your time and server.
  14. Is the Jewel of Excelent +1 in game? Or it doesn´t exist and the only way to make an item exc 2 opt is having an exc item with 1 opt?
  15. Your rune blade must have exactly 1 exc option already to be able to use +2 on it.
  16. i have Jewel of Excellent Weapon +2 . but i cant add in RunBlade ?
  17. Stop resetting you mean? I guess we will just have to wait if there are more compensations while having more resets. Since basing on the statistics 7 over 10 private servers running, successfully provide incentives to the players who has a lot of resets. In reality they wont stop playing, not unless they get what they want - which is full gear items. And if we meant by horrible cycle of having resets, It is not a bad thing. -the server also needs traffic of players which will run the game flow and market. Free Players could not get good stuff if they would not grind for it.
  18. I think the server should give the points with the grand reset. The characters arrive to reset 60 and they will stop playing.
  19. I am so excited reading all contents and possible balances configuration. I am happy that at last, a server that cares is finally here being established. ++Respect
  20. This time table is crazy It's all day grindin! Kept reading all the information! and I have never been amazed quiet like this. Pleasing to know every single thing. ++Respect
  21. To the day and nights of efforts of the admin behind this flawless information regarding the server and its guidelines. +Respect
  22. With this so much detailed quest hunting, I could not even wait a bit for the server to open. I have manage to invite people from different places that also played MU differently to try this one. They got the same reaction " This is so cool, New Server yet detailed in every single way" These personalities also helps the server running, and yes in some we call them " Donators " Looking forward more with this server
  23. Dragon

    Info about us

    This right here made me think differently of this server. And I certainly do understand that there are only two products that a server owner sells. The GOODS & SERVICES If two is joined together, It would perfectly makes sense to stay in this server. Kudos to you admin. +Respect " We walk the talk "
  24. Dragon

    [x50] Top 30 Voters

    The server is very well boosting by now and this will be a big scope for everyone. See you soon.
  25. This would greatly affect the balance of leveling. this is very well detailed.
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